Working at Health Force

Why Work For Health Force?

A Commitment to Employees
From our dedicated office staff to our Registered Nurses and home care workers, Health Force's commitment to quality care is best described by its philosophy...

"If we expect the employee to take good care of the client - we must take good care of the employee."

Patricia M. Krall- Dwyer
Health Force - CEO

Health Force works hard to keep its employees satisfied with their jobs and with the company, and the results of our 2009 Employee Survey demonstrate that Health Force far exceeds industry employee retention and satisfaction levels:

  • 46% of our employees have been with Health Force for 5 or more years
  • 85% of our employees have been with Health Force for 2 or more years
  • 98% of our employees say they are 'happy' working at Health Force
  • 90% of our employees say they receive the recognition they deserve
  • 94% of our employees say they are treated as team players

Health Force offers:

  • Competitive Pay and Benefits
  • Paid Vacation
  • Bonuses
  • Health and Dental Insurance
  • Holiday Pay
  • Overtime Pay
  • A Personal Touch

Health Force works hard to accommodate employee needs and seeks regular feedback from all levels of staff through employee lunches, dinners and frequent one on one discussions. This personal touch helps when assigning employees to clients. Health Force always takes the personality as well as the ability of the employee into account in an effort to make the best possible match. And it is those 'matches' that a Health Force employee will tell you are the best part of their job.

"I like doing things for people. It makes you feel needed and you feel good about yourself because you're helping people and making their day a little brighter" says 17+ year Health Force veteran, Annie Stewart


Benefits to working in home care and for Health Force:

  • Very flexible work schedule
  • Ability to work near your home
  • Home care workers decide which hours they can work. from part-time to full-time, a schedule is arranged that allows you to be your best
  • Variety of assignments
  • Positions available to work in various locations
  • Choose a time frame that is convenient for you and your schedule
  • Work is available in all areas and the only qualifications are a caring attitude with a work ethic to serve those who are in need

A Rewarding Job
Sue Burznysnki a Health Force employee says,

"it is a profession that allows you to be your best to help others and feel good about yourself."

Jerrietta Nicholson chose home care knowing

"somehow, someway I can be a help to others, its about real people."

People like your mother or father who just need a little extra support. In some cases, a home care worker is the only person a homebound patient has daily contact with. In those cases, the worker often becomes like part of the family.

Health Force will provide a 2-3 week training program in order to become a home care worker. If you have previous training, schooling or experience you may be exempt from additional training or only require an overview. We will let you know if it's applicable. Licensed Practical Nurses are required to have one-year experience in order to work in home care for Health Force and a wide variety of assignments are available.