Careers in Home Care

Working in home care has many benefits and rewards but first is deciding what career path is right for you. Below are some of the different roles needed at Health Force. We are always interested in hiring passionate and caring people so apply today!

Home Care Heroes:

Good personal care and home health aides are highly valued not only by Health Force but also by the patients. Home Care is a rewarding and passionate career. New York state recognizes the importance of these positions through their program "Heroes in the Home" which honors home care nurses and aides for the essential work they do.

Health Force Careers:

Personal Care Aides (PCAs): Personal care aides perform homemaker services. Homemaker services include such tasks as making and changing a patient's bed, cleaning the kitchen and running necessary errands for the patient. Other responsibilities may include helping the patient pay bills or grocery shop.

Personal Care Aides Level II: After required training PCAs can add responsibilities to their work tasks. The training is offered at no cost to the employee and is 40 hours of basic training. Level II PCA's can then help patients with bathing, grooming, dressing and walking as well as helping with basic wound care or assistance with equipment such as wheelchairs.

Home Health Aides (HHAs): Home Health Aide is the highest level of paraprofessional in home care. The job of an HHA is very important and takes training patience, passion and a willingness to help others. HHA's are responsible for health-related tasks as well as personal care tasks. Health tasks can include taking the patient's temperature, pulse and respiration rate. HHA's also assist by applying any medicated creams, wound care and helping patients take their medications.

Licensed Practical Nurse (LPNs): LPNs provide services in accordance to the plan of care for each individual client which could be a mediation regime or trach or vent care - they would be required to follow the plan of care signed by a phsyciain and participate in the assessment planning implementation and evlauation of nursing care

Registered Nurse Supervisors: RNs are responsible for ensuring that client's medical needs are being addressed and met by the entire team. RN Supervisors regularly visit the clients to have face to face communication and to discuss any concerns client's may have regarding their care or their health. They will monitor the home care workers performance and paperwork and ensure that Health Force's high standards of care are carried out.

Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs): If you are a CNA working in a nursing home or hospital we can easy adapt your skills and training to the homecare industry. We can quickly get you working as and HHA or PCA and helping our clients.

Schedulers: These employees work in the office and are an integral part of our company. Each schedule handles a client list and ensures all services are provided. They schedule home care workers to go to the client's home and carry out the duties and tasks necessary. Schedulers are our voice to clients, clients' families and our home care staff. These members of our staff are essential to keeping communication flowing to ensure we are serving our customers and our employees at the highest level.