April 3, 2023

The Ultimate Guide to Senior Discounts

The great thing about getting older is you suddenly become eligible for a host of different discounts when you reach a certain birthday. These discounts can reduce the cost of living, with cut-price groceries and other essentials, and make your leisure time far less costly.

With lots of discounts available for seniors in a wide range of restaurants, stores, and services, there is no reason why getting older has to be expensive.

This comprehensive guide provides a list of the best discounts, so you can enjoy all the advantages of getting older to their fullest potential.

Dining out needn’t be expensive and, with several well-known restaurant chains offering generous discounts to senior citizens, you can afford to make it a regular habit. Check out your local branches of the following big-name brands to see if you qualify for their offers.

 offers a generous 10-15% discount for senior citizens over the age of 60, depending on the store location. This is available for holders of the Golden Apple Card, so stop by your local Applebee’s to sign up and make the most of this offer.

Dairy Queen
‍Treating yourself shouldn’t be limited to special occasions and, with the offers available for senior citizens at Dairy Queen, it doesn’t have to be. With a 10% discount available for senior citizens at participating branches, you can enjoy a trip out for lunch, cake, or ice cream whenever you like.

Gatti’s Pizza
Everybody loves pizza, and those aged 60 or over can get it at a 10% discount at Gatti’s Pizza. Contact your local branch to find out how you can participate and to hear about any other offers they may have for seniors.

Krispy Kreme
Indulge your sweet tooth at Krispy Kreme, where customers over the age of 50 can claim a 10% discount on their donuts. Share the love and grab a box to share with your friends or family.

Waffle House
Make going out for breakfast a regular treat, as the 10% discount offered by Waffle House for customers over the age of 60 makes dining out in the morning more affordable. This can make catching up with friends or spending time with your family over a meal even more enjoyable!

Ben and Jerry’s
Why not treat yourself to a carton of your favorite flavor of ice cream? Ben and Jerry’s is 10% cheaper for senior citizens in Georgia, so you could even indulge yourself and get two tubs!

IHOP restaurants have a whole extra menu for customers aged 55 or over, which offers meals and snacks at a discount price to senior citizens. The 55+ menu comprises a range of options at a more appropriate portion size and price, so you can enjoy dining there whenever you please. 

Groceries, Essentials, and Transport
The cost of everyday living can add up over time, with food, transportation, and other essentials taking a significant chunk of your income. Fortunately, many places offer their services at a lower price for senior citizens, potentially saving you hundreds of dollars.

For those who don’t drive, bus journeys can be a daily necessity that quickly becomes expensive. Luckily for all the senior citizens, Greyhound offers a 5% discount to all passengers aged 62 and above. All you need to do to claim it is provide proof of age when purchasing your ticket, making travel less pricey—particularly for those who use their services regularly.

Budget Rental Cars
‍If you’re planning a weekend trip away, renting a car can be a convenient way to get there. It can also be inexpensive, as Budget Rental Cars has a 10% discount available for customers aged 50 and up, making taking a mini-break more affordable for senior citizens.

Jiffy Lube
If you do own a vehicle, you’ll be all too aware that the cost of maintaining it can be high. At Jiffy Lube, however, many branches offer a senior citizen’s discount, so getting preventative maintenance on your car needn’t cost too much. Contact your local store to find out what offers are available in your area.

Atlanta Watershed Management
As a senior citizen in Atlanta, you could make big savings on your utility bills by taking advantage of the senior discounts offered by many companies. Atlanta Watershed Management offers a 30% discount on water and sewage bills to customers aged 65 and over, so, by applying for their Senior Citizen Discount, you could save a substantial amount of money each year.

Groceries are a necessary expense that can amount to a significant part of your budget. Rather than deny yourself your favorite meals and treats, why not take advantage of Albertson’s monthly senior day, when all customers aged 55 and over are entitled to a 10% discount on all purchases? Contact your local branch to find out the date of their next Senior Day, so you can stock up on all your favorites at a bargain price!

Protecting your health is important, no matter what age you are, but you may find that, as you near retirement, you need a little extra maintenance. The cost of dietary supplements, health checks, and other healthcare products can begin to add up, eventually, but, fortunately, Walgreens also has discounts available for senior citizens. Stopping by on Seniors Day can save you 10% on everything purchased in the store with a valid Balance Rewards Card, so head down to your local branch to sign up.

Many of us enjoy browsing through the shops in our spare time, and more so when we know we might pick up a good bargain or two. Many retail shops offer their goods at lower prices to senior citizens, so you can go on a guilt-free spending spree at many of your favorite stores, picking up everything you need from clothes to furniture, to gifts!

The Salvation Army Thrift Stores
Salvation Army Thrift stores have a particularly generous discount for customers over the age of 55, with offers varying from location to location. Discounts usually start at 10% and can be as high as 50%, so contact your local branch to find out how much you could be saving!

‍ Goodwill is another charity shop offering attractive discounts for senior customers, with 10% off all purchases for people aged 60 and over. This discount is only available on certain days of the week, so pop into your local store to find out when their next senior day is.

Greeting cards can get expensive, especially if you have a big family and a wide circle of friends. Hallmark is one company that offers a 10% discount to senior citizens on all purchases, making birthdays, Christmas, and all other holidays and occasions infinitely cheaper. This discount is only available on certain days of the week, so contact your local branch to find out when yours is.

Dress Barn
As a senior citizen, you can also make big savings on clothing, as many stores offer discounts to senior citizens. At Dress Barn, customers over the age of 55 are entitled to a 10% discount to make treating yourself to a new wardrobe even more fun.

The Family Tree Garden Center
If you enjoy gardening in your spare time, visit The Family Tree Garden Center for discounts on everything you need for your garden. With a 10% discount available for seniors every Wednesday, this is the ideal place to pick up new plants and decor for your home.

Bed, Bath and Beyond
If you enjoy home improvement and are always looking for new items to spruce up your house and garden, you’re in luck with Bed, Bath and Beyond. This retail giant offers customers aged 55 or over 10% of all purchases, so you can shop around for the perfect ornament or item of furniture at a very attractive price.

TJ Maxx
 TJ Maxx already offers impressive saving on a wide range of high-end clothes, jewelry,    with designer brands available at highly affordable prices. The good news for senior citizens is that you could stand to get an even better bargain by dropping in on one of their senior days when you can claim an extra 10% discount on all purchases.

Leisure and Entertainment
If you have reached retirement age, you will have a great deal more free time to enjoy all your favorite hobbies and activities. While these can usually be a little too expensive to indulge in on a regular basis, there are many senior discounts offered by a wide range of entertainments and leisure facilities. This can make all your favorite pastimes, such as going to the movies, jetting off on holiday, and visiting museums, a whole lot more affordable.

AMC Theatres
Going to see a good movie is a favored treat for many people, but, once you factor in the cost of tickets, drinks, and popcorn, it can be a little pricey to be made a regular habit of. With a Senior Discount Ticket, however, those aged 60 or older can enjoy movies at AMC Theatres for a reduced price, meaning you can catch all of your favorite movies whenever you please.

American Airlines
Everyone loves jetting off for a few weeks, whether to relax on sandy beaches, catch up with old friends, visit family, or explore a new city. The cost of flying is often extortionate, though, meaning that many people on reduced incomes miss out on the opportunity to travel. Luckily, those aged 65 and over can take advantage of American Airlines’ 15% senior discount, making that dream holiday a lot more attainable.

Cobblestone Golf Course
Golf is a popular pastime for many retirees, which is great for keeping in shape and spending time with friends. Cobblestone Golf Course in Atlanta has discounted admission rates for all senior citizens, meaning you can enjoy your favorite hobby far more frequently.

Comfort Inn
Comfort Inn has an impressive 20-30% discount available for all guests aged 60 years and over, depending on the branch location, Contact the hotel beforehand to find out how much you could save by taking advantage for more affordable, more comfortable travel.

High Museum of Art
‍If you feel like taking an afternoon to soak up some culture, head over to the High Museum of Art. With over 14,000 pieces of classic and contemporary art in their permanent collection, this beautiful museum makes for an unforgettable day trip. And, as seniors aged 65 and up can pay a reduced admissions charge, you can afford to visit again and again.

Georgia Aquarium
The Georgia Aquarium is a fantastic day out for the whole family, giving you the opportunity to spend quality time with your loved ones. Better yet, if you purchase your tickets online and in advance, senior citizens aged 65 and over are entitled to a discounted entry price.

Planning a day trip to one of America’s many beautiful National Parks is a great way to spend a memorable day exploring nature with friends and family. USGS offers a discounted entry fee for senior visitors on many of their campsites, facilities, guided tours, and transportation fees, so you’ve no reason not to organize an outing!

Final Thoughts
Getting older does not mean you should stop enjoying yourself, even if you are on a limited income. With so many discounts offered to senior citizens on everything from flights, furnishings, food, and admission fees, you will never be stuck for something to do. Qualifying for the many offers available to those over the age of 55 is a big bonus when it comes to planning holidays, meals, and day trips, and it can make enjoying your retirement easy.

Get in contact with the local branches of your favorite restaurants and retailers to find out how you could benefit from their offers, and how much money you could save by taking advantage of their discounts. This way, your favorite hobbies, pastimes, and food can all be made available to you at much more affordable prices, so you can do exactly what you like without breaking the bank.