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Immediately! At Health Force, we respond to web inquiries as soon as we receive them. Our office is open 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. You will always hear a warm, friendly, and helpful voice when you call.

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“I highly recommend Health Force. My sister and I cared for our mom with Alzheimer’s for 5 years and could not have done it alone without the professional care we received from the staff at Health Force. My sister and I work full-time so when my mom fell and had a head wound, they were available within hours with just one phone call. Other times we had medical problems and needed an expert, they were there, and my mom loved each one of the caregivers they sent. They gave me updates during the day as well. Caregivers were never late and stayed longer if my mom needed them. They even helped while my mom was in hospice when we couldn’t be there. You can’t get any better than this company for support with your loved one!”

“My family recently used Health Force for 24/7 nursing care for our mom. The caregivers were prompt and devoted to her care. One of the caregivers would pray and sing with her which really helped. We did not realize how exhausted we were until we reached out for help. The process was quick, and we were able to start in two days. I would highly recommend Health Force.”

“Two years ago during the height of Covid we were able to move our mom from a facility in North Carolina to Georgia after the loss of our dad.  This decision was made and carried out in less than two weeks. One of the critical aspects of this move was making sure we had caregivers lined up to be with our mom as she was always needing someone with her.

We were fortunate that A Hand to Hold (now Health Force) was able to make that happen. Shaneka met us upon our mom’s arrival in Columbus.  The caregiver assigned to the first overnight shift was there to meet us as well. That same caregiver is with us to this day. 

Accord has been open to concerns we have had over the past two years and has welcomed our input on putting together a team that is well-suited to our mom’s changing needs. Shaneka has been there throughout the journey to make any necessary adjustments to her care plan.

The team we have is very professional and has a heart for what they do. Our mom’s caregivers have been there for her and have become like family to us.”