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6 Things Every Dementia Caregiver Should Know

2023-10-05T18:41:02+00:00July 10, 2023|Alzheimer's & Dementia|

Caring for a patient with dementia can be difficult, especially if that patient is a family member or friend. Seeing a loved one in decline can bring up some heavy emotions and present us with a frustrating new set of challenges when it comes to their health and well-being. To help you become the most effective and compassionate caregiver possible, here are six things every caregiver should know.

What Experts Are Saying About Music Therapy for Dementia and Alzheimer’s Patients

2023-10-05T18:50:03+00:00June 12, 2023|Alzheimer's & Dementia|

Music therapy is not a new phenomenon; in fact, it has been around since the time of the ancient Greeks. The idea of using music as part of the healing process was not recognized as a profession until after the World Wars. Musicians performed for the veterans dealing with trauma from their war injuries. Due to the veterans’ positive response, Veterans Administration Hospitals decided to hire musicians to perform regularly.

What if I Suspect My Mother Has Dementia?

2023-01-11T20:41:54+00:00August 1, 2022|Alzheimer's & Dementia, Company News|

Mom’s forgetfulness has now reached the point you suspect she has dementia. What should you do? When you’re dealing with aging in a place loved ones may have dementia, providing them with the care they need can be challenging. But doing so is possible when you use this approach.

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