Client Testimonials 

We survey our clients annually in order to assure the quality of our service and the satisfaction of our customers.

Here are some results of our 2009 client survey:

  • 95% of surveyed clients said: they would recommend Health Force
  • 98% of surveyed clients said: Health Force is doing a good job

Our 2010 client survey will be conducted this fall.

There is no greater recognition of our professionalism, or praise of our practices, than the referrals we receive and the loyalty of our clients.

" We are writing this letter to express our sincere appreciation of the daily efforts of your aides as they worked with our father. As his health began to deteriorate, it became quickly apparent that we needed to bring people into his home to help care for him on a daily basis. This was a difficult realization for us and brought with it many concerns. Would we find someone trustworthy and reliable? Would we find someone who would provide our Dad with loving care while putting up with his idiosyncrasies? 

When shopping around for an agency, we didn't know what questions to ask. The process was new to us and brought with it many unknowns. We were immediately put at east when speaking with our first contact at Health Force. They have been and continue to be attentive to our requests, concerns and needs. 

There simply are not words to express how pleased and thankful we are to have your aide working with Fred. She is patient, kind, caring, dependable and extremely attentive to our Dad's needs. She treats him with kindness at all times, regardless of his stubbornness. She is extremely dependable, and our minds are at ease when we know she is with our Dad. As former business owners, we understand how difficult it can be to find reliable employees. Not only does your aide have a heart of gold, but she prides herself in the job she does. Additional, we feel the aide consistently goes above and beyond what is expected of her in her role as an aide. She is eager to do the best job she can and grow in her role. 

" Even our employees say - I never realized how much care and effort Health Force took in making sure our clients and aides were safe in their homes and work environment till I left for other work. I really want to return to Health Force."

"Health Force has great aides! Thank you for sending wonderful aides who made such a blessed difference for the better of my daughter's last year of her life. Force has been so nice and easy to work with and the aides that were sent were exceptional. Health Force has been so accommodating with the schedule. I feel the weight of the world has been lifted as Health Force and it's staff is going above and beyond to help us. The office staff is very understanding. Your aides were outstanding! She was kind, caring and trust worthy. We had an aide in the past thru another company and stole money. We never had to worry with the Health Force aides. I always felt my Mom was safe with Health Force. I like the fact that I would always talk to a person and not an answering service or machine."

"Everyone at HEALTH FORCE are my angels. All the aides are wonderful and treat me special and with respect."
– Sandra D.

"I can't even imagine what I would have done without the help from HEALTH FORCE. I live so far away and HEALTH FORCE took control, did what needed to be done to make sure my Mom was taken care of and safe until could get there — thank you from the bottom of my heart."
– Sue M.

"I love you guys! You truly care about your patients and it shows — I enjoy working with HEALTH FORCE."
– Carol — Caseworker

"Your agency is GREAT — all of you know the rules and regulations and are not afraid to uphold them — you are all awesome!"
– Gail — Government oversight employee

"Thank you for my aide — I LOVE her"
– Yuliya A.

"As an outside service provider, I have found Health Force to be extremely cooperative, timely in addressing concerns — the majority of aides are professional and hard working"
– Michelle

"Our aide has been a pleasure to have assisting me and the staff at Health Force has always been extremely helpful keep up the good work"
– Tim M.

I am totally satisfied with the help I get from HEALTH FORCE and I'm thankful for it."
– Al Z.

"Doing a nice job" 
– Sid S.

"I am very satisfied with the work that my aide does"
– George L.

"Our aide is a very good caregiver and we are happy to have her"
– Albert B.

"We are very pleased with our aides."
– Olivia S.

"Our aides are always courteous and helpful and always on time."
– Deb R.

"Thank you for the very great service that you do"
– Dorothy S.

"Very pleased with the care my husband receives"
– Grace T.

"The nurses aides are great"
– Joseph D